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Drawings in Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures integrates the drawings with the model.   A drawing is a window to the model presenting 3D structures in 2D.   The building objects shown in the drawings are model objects you create in the model, you can change their representation in the drawing but you cannot change the geometry or the location of the building object, or delete building objects; all changes to building objects are made in the model.  


That is why the drawings are always up-to-date.  

You can create drawings at any stage of the project.  If the model changes, Tekla Structures notifies in the Drawing List that you need to update the related drawings.

Tekla Structures drawings contain a large variety of features and tools that help you to create and manage your drawings efficiently:

  • Create drawings fast, efficiently and controlled thanks to one centralised location, Master Drawing Catalog.

  • Automatic general arrangement drawings and anchor bolt plans of selected views

  • Drawing objects are associated with model objects, and updated when the model changes

  • Check previews of the drawings and print your drawings to PDF, printer or plot file

  • Control drawing revisions, and issue, lock, and freeze drawings

  • Use interactive editing tools for adding dimensions, various drawing shapes, marks, notes, texts, symbols, and links in the drawings.

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 saving time, RFIs and delays.