Model-based estimation helps you manage risk, win more projects and grow profits.

With Tekla Structures we can quickly create conceptual models and generate accurate quantities for estimation.  Visualised structures creates more informative and professional presentation already at the estimation phase, that will help your clients to better understand the whole project.  Using a preliminary model you can get bill of materials to make cost estimations and find alternative solution early in the process.  

Create realistic projects and cost estimates

  • Study alternative structural solutions for structures with fast intelligent modeling
  • Create cost estimates by extracting bill of materials from the model.
  • Ensure constructability by identifying potential problems early in the process.

Effective reference handling and analysis

  • Import the architect’s and other design reference data and manage it using Tekla Structures.
  • Export Tekla models into structural analysis software and speed up the analysis.
  • Exchange data with estimation software solutions. 

Communicate your steel concept

  • Present the advantages of your solution by producing high quality sales presentations with powerful 3D visualizations and animations.  
  • Extract associative drawings directly from the model.